We offer the following programs for use in the clinical setting:

Cool Kids Anxiety Program (2nd Edition)
Cool Kids ASD Anxiety Program
Cool Kids (Chilled) Adolescent Anxiety and Depression Program
Cool Little Kids (Parenting Program)
Study Without Stress
Ageing Wisely

Please note: the original clinical version of the Cool Kids Anxiety Program assumes that parent/s and child are involved in every session. The school version assumes less parent involvement. To accommodate this difference, the therapist manual for the clinical setting is different from the school version. The original versions are still available for sale in 2020 while stocks last.

From 2021, there will be only one kit for the Cool Kids Anxiety Program 2nd Edition materials. The separation of a school vs a clinical process has been removed. In the 2nd Edition materials the content from the clinical and school editions has been consolidated into one therapist manual.

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