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Cool Kids Anxiety Program School Kit

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By Ronald Rapee, Heidi Lyneham, Carolyn Schniering, Viviana Wuthrich, Maree Abbott, Jennifer Hudson and Ann Wignall (2006). Centre for Emotional Health, Macquarie University, Sydney.

If you’re a clinician who wishes to run this program you must meet the minimum qualification requirements and complete training and accreditation. Details can be found here.

This package aids the school therapist in conducting the treatment program for anxious children. The therapist’s manual describes in detail how to conduct each session of the program within a school setting including exercises and comments to assist successful implementation. Also included is one copy each of the parent and child workbooks. Suitable for use with children ages 7-12 years.

PLEASE NOTE: The new version (2nd edition) of this product will be released late 2019 which will replace this version. Please take this into consideration when deciding how many items of this product you’d like to purchase.

Each client requires their own workbook.  Photocopying workbooks that come in the kit is a copyright infringement.  Additional child and parent workbooks can be purchased.  Additional therapist manuals can be purchased. Bulk purchase discounts apply.

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