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by Heidi Lyneham and Ron Rapee (2009). Centre for Emotional Health, Macquarie University, Sydney

This program works using a parent-as-therapist model where the parent learns anxiety management skills using the step-by-step self-treatment book “Helping Your Anxious Child” and the parent in turn teaches these skills to their child using a companion workbook. The child workbook contains activities for understanding and practice of skills. The outreach therapist manual focuses solely on supporting the parent of a primary school child.  Please note that the child workbook is downloadable (free of charge) when you purchase the Program kit or can be purchased pre-printed and bound.

Suitable for use with children aged 7-12 years.

PLEASE NOTE:  Each client requires their own materials. Photocopying material that comes with the kit is a copyright infringement.  Additional copies of the Helping Your Anxious Child book can be purchased.  Additional child workbooks can be purchased. Additional therapist manuals can be purchased.

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